Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sevens

 My body loves the sevens. Adores them. Wants to move in next to them and stay there forever. What are the sevens, you ask? It's the 7 in every ten pound set. 177. 167. 157. I'll drop down to one of them and then plateau for what feels like forever. I've battled the sevens every time I have been on this weight loss venture and I notice that if I slip up and regain, it always finds it's way back to a 7.

So in my determination to beat the sevens before they beat me, I have had to come up with massive amounts of reinforcements to keep myself motivated and moving. I built an inspiration board for my bedroom this last weekend, where I can put quotes and pictures and all those types of things within my frame of focus. Quotes that become mantras, pictures that ingrain into my head. But what about music?

I loath the stepmill, but in my hatred of it, I have this desire to conquer it too. One of the other items on my 30 before 30 list is to do 30 minutes consistently on the stepmill, something I am working on each day at the gym, adding another minute each time. But keeping myself up there and focused on the task at hand requires some serious ass kicking music. So today I tracked down Girl Talk on and downloaded the "Feed The Animals" album for a whopping $5.00. This, along with a slew of other newer purchases for my iPod, should keep me moving as I climb my way to 30 minutes.

And hopefully, I'll bust my way down far past this loaming 7. Ugh.

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